Bri is a triple-threat performer based in Toronto, Canada.

Photo by Jeremy Mimagh

She identifies as a cis-gendered, white woman, with a Canadian and Italian background.

Photo by Nestor Rivera

Her creative practice centres around storytelling and how musical, physical and textual narratives shape characters onstage. Before moving to Toronto to gain a BFA in Performance Dance, her early training included 9 years of competitive dance at Leeming Danceworks, where she worked closely with established choreographers such as Emma Portner, Linda Garneau, Hani Abaza, David Norsworthy, and Kristen Carcone. During her post-secondary education, she performed in full works by Hanna Kiel, Hassan El-Amin, Alysa Pires, and Dylan Crossman of the Merce Cunningham Trust. Bri was a company artist with NEAR&FAR Projects and continues to be a freelance artist for multiple dance collectives. Bri has furthered her performance training in Greece, New York City, North Carolina, and Los Angeles. She dreams of one day working on Broadway.

Photo by Maxim Bortnowski


ADJUDICATING: I was on the judging panel for DanceFest! We spent three days in the beautiful Thunder Bay auditorium to watch young artists share their passion for performance. Thank you DanceFest for having me back!

I was a part of The Performing Arts Project’s 10th Company! I took classes in all domains of performance, and got the chance to rehearse original pieces with an incredible faculty of teachers. Photo is a still from Lynzy Lab Stewart’s “Hands”, danced by myself and Zachary Bastille.

Still from Tap Titans Today interview

INTERVIEW: I was featured on the Instagram account @taptitanstoday. Click here to hear the entire interview with Jalen from Tap Titans Today!


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