NEAR&FAR Projects and Bri Clarke present…


at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Al Green Theatre (750 Spadina Ave)

July 7th 9:45PM

July 9th 6:45PM

July 11th 3:45PM

July 12th 7:30PM

Two partners. They struggle to remember who they were before the first flush of love took hold. When an amorphous collective, deemed “The Void”, encounters the pair in liminal spaces, each partner faces their individual identity. This contemporary dance experience is for viewers who question the bridge between spirituality and emotional connection.

Artists Involved:

Choreographer: Tavia Christina @tavschristina

Composer: Brayden Krueger @braydenkrueger

Stage Manager: Olivia Seward @o_seward

Cast of performers: Frédérique Perron @frederique_perron ; Elvina Raharja @elvinanr ; Eilish Shin-Culhane @eilishsc ; Barbara Simms @barbaranneelizabeth ; Eleanor van Veen @eleanorvanveen ; Evan Webb @evankwebb

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CommunityOne Foundation & Toronto Heliconian Club

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